17 Facts To Show To Anyone That Believes That The U.S. Economy Is Just Fine

This is the now Sad reality in America. This says volumes about a country in total denial about what it has become and what it is. The ability to project power is tempered by economic strength or the lack thereof. Unless they raise the bar and elect QUALITY Leaders, this next Presidency will see it all go down the toilet. 8 years of a clueless, narcissist Puppet , minus even a Birth Certificate, has been a disaster for America. And still 50% of these Voting Idiots don't get it.

The Economic Collapse
By Michael Snyder
29 April 2014

No, the economy is most definitely not "recovering". Despite what you may hear from the politicians and from the mainstream media, the truth is that the U.S. economy is in far worse shape than it was prior to the last recession. In fact, we are still pretty much where we were at when the last recession finally ended. When the financial crisis of 2008 struck, it took us down to a much lower level economically. Thankfully, things have at least stabilized at this much lower level. For example, the percentage of working age Americans that are employed has stayed remarkably flat for the past four years. We should be grateful that things have not continued to get even worse. It is almost as if someone has hit the "pause button" on the U.S. economy. But things are definitely not getting better, and there are a whole host of signs that this bubble of false stability will soon come to an end and that our economic decline will accelerate once again. The following are 17 facts to show to anyone that believes that the U.S. economy is just fine...

#1 The home ownership rate in the United States has dropped to the lowest level in 19 years.

#2 Consumer spending for durable goods has dropped by 3.23 percent since November. This is a clear sign that an economic slowdown is ahead.

#3 Major retailers are closing stores at the fastest pace that we have seen since the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

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