Barack Obama Tells Lie After Lie After Lie – Here’s A Brief List Of His Most Recent Whoppers…

Hell, make it easy, when does this Chicago Con Man, elected by FRAUD, ever not lie?

The Ulsterman Report
By Ulsterman
18 April 2014

A recent national poll indicated most Americans believe Barack Obama lies to them – a LOT. When the man marches out and reads the following spin from his teleprompter, (knowing the Mainstream Media won’t question him), is it any wonder why more and more people both home and abroad view this president with such shrugging shoulders indifference? He has become a walking talking caricature of nearly every negative political cliché. At any rate, here’s a brief list of the president’s most recent whoppers as they relate to his disastrous Obamacare legislation:

“A vast percentage of Americans are now, for the first time, getting health insurance.”

Really Mr. President? A “vast percentage”? Your own dubious number of sign ups is now at eight million. The United States has a population of over 312 million people. That means less than five percent, which is hardly a “vast percentage of Americans”, right?

This lie is even greater when you count the number of that alleged eight million are likely millions who were kicked off their old health insurance by the Obamacare mandates, and forced to then try to get insurance through the very program that kicked them off in the first place! That means that the actual “new” numbers of people getting health insurance through Obamacare could very well be just one or two percent of the total population.

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