BP and Shell exposed as US prepares first warning shot against Russia's oil and gas industry

The G7 US dominated group appear to be backing moves to impair Russia's energy markets. That will just drive up Gas prices for the EU, not the smartest move.

Around 30 per cent of European gas comes from Russia and roughly half of it passes through the Ukraine     Photo: REUTERS

  • Firms may be forced to curtail operations as G7 powers prepare to launch new sanctions

The Telegraph
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
27 April 2014

Britain’s top energy companies face an extremely delicate situation as the world’s G7 powers prepare to launch the next wave of sanctions against Russia, and may be forced to curtail operations or freeze certain commercial ties with the country.

The US, Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Italy and Canada have agreed to "intensify targeted sanctions to increase the costs of Russia's actions" – possibly as soon as Monday – unless the Kremlin takes immediate steps to defuse the crisis in Ukraine.

The G7 is for now holding back Iranian-style "stage 3" sanctions against the whole Russian banking system, mining industry, or the oil and gas nexus. This nuclear option will be deployed only if Russia escalates from black operations in Eastern Ukraine to an outright invasion, said Alastair Newton, head of political risk at Nomura.

Yet diplomats say the Obama administration has the means to choke Russia's bond market and greatly disrupt the energy sector even under limited "stage 2" sanctions, and intends to do so in a step by step escalation.

Sources in Washington say the US Treasury may soon extend the black list to Igor Sechin, president of the oil giant Rosneft, the biggest traded oil company in the world. Any such move would be a costly headache for BP, which owns 19.75pc of Rosneft’s shares under a deal reached in 2012 ending its stormy misadventures in TNK-BP.

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