China Planning 'To Militarise Space' Against US Anti-Satellite Weapons

China is taking the Quantum Leap and cancelling US Space Supremacy. Russia will follow.

Space, is the final frontier, so how about we leave it to be free of all aggression and spend money on peace?

Anti-satellite weapons could disable or destroy satellites. Image: Reuters

International Business Times
By Hannah Osborne
15 April 2014

China is planning to increase its military capabilities in space in reaction to US and other world powers developing astronomical weapons.

According to the Xinhua news agency, China's president Xi Jinping has told the military to increase its space defence capabilities.

He said officers should "speed up air and space integration and sharpen their offensive and defensive capabilities".

China Daily also noted the country was planning to increase its military presence in space: "The idea of combining air and space capability is not new to the Chinese air force, as a host of experts have underscored the importance of space."

Xi told officers to focus on training that increases combat capabilities, adding they must make sure they can "swiftly and effectively" deal with emergencies. He told them to allocate more resources to a "new-type" of combat force.

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