China to US: Stop meddling in region

To all our Brother and Sister Americans, these are facts you need and deserve to know and see. We stand United with you.

Hagel had said he would tell the Chinese, looks like the shoe is on the other foot. "A Chinese government spokesman urged Washington to “proceed discreetly” regarding the affairs of Hong Kong to avoid damage to China-US ties."

Press TV
8 April 2014

A senior Chinese official has warned the United States and its allies against stirring up troubles across the volatile Asia-Pacific region.

On Tuesday, Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan warned the United States to "keep (Japan) within bounds and not to be permissive and supportive.”

"It is Japan who is being provocative against China," Chang told a news conference after talks with US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in Beijing, adding, "If you come to the conclusion that China is going to resort to force against Japan that is wrong ... we will not take the initiative to stir up troubles," Chang added.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hong Lei had recently said Washington needed to be more responsible and stop spreading rumors put about by "right-wing Japanese forces."

This comes as Beijing has long been engaged in a dispute with Tokyo over the sovereignty of the group of the uninhabited islands in the East China Sea, which are known as Diaoyu in China and Senkaku in Japan.

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