CIA director in Kiev searching for missing mercenaries

Unspoken casualties of miscalculation of a silent war. Help, we have lost 20 of our ruthless, hired, callous, vicious, Killers. Please Mr Putin, will you give them back? Pigs will? Yet another Cabal SNAFU!

Voltaire Network
16 April 2014

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov revealed that CIA director John Brennan was in Kiev last weekend. One of his advisors told the newspaper Vzgliad that Brennan had not come to oversee the "anti-terrorist" operations conducted by the Ukrainian authorities, but to seek information and rescue twenty Greystone Ltd mercenaries of whom there has been no news.

The coup government in Kiev and its Western allies refer to the democratic political opposition as "terrorists".

Hundreds of mercenaries working for Greystone Ltd (a subsidiary of Academi, formerly Blackwater) have been present in the country since at least March 4 [link], operating within the regular Ukraine special forces.

After initially denying it, the White House acknowledged that Mr. Brennan had in fact visited Kiev over the weekend.

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