Critics: Pulitzer No 'Vindication' for Snowden's 'Crimes'

Big Knives are waiting for Snowden and powerful enemies with long memories.

By Cathy Burke
14 April 2014

Critics of NSA secrets' spy-leaker Edward Snowden Monday condemned the awarding of journalism's highest prize to newspapers that exposed the extent of the agency's global snooping, including Americans' emails and cell phones.

New York Republican Rep. Peter King was the first to blast the decision to give Pulitzer prizes to The Washington Post and the Guardian US, recognizing their coverage based on Snowden's classified documents dump.

King tweeted his disgust, calling the newspapers "Snowden enablers," and their prizes a "disgrace."

"To be rewarding illegal conduct, to be enabling a traitor like Snowden, to me is not something that should be rewarded with a Pulitzer Prize," King later told The Associated Press.

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