EUCOM dismisses reports of secret U.S. base in Crimea

More dirty little secrets coming out.

This is why and what they do not want you to know. Russia was being boxed in and it was the people of the Crimea who chose a different road. The rest of the Ukraine will suffer immensely in what tragedy is about to befall them. And parties on all sides will cry.

A combat vehicle with pro-Russian gunman on top runs through downtown Slovyansk, Eastern Ukraine, Friday, April 18, 2014. Ukraine is hoping to placate Russia and calm hostilities with its neighbor even as the U.S. prepares a new round of sanctions to punish Moscow for what it regards as fomenting unrest. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky) (Efrem Lukatsky / AP)

Air Force Times
By Michelle Tan
25 April 2014

Military officials in Europe are pushing back against reports the U.S. was conducting humanitarian assistance projects in Crimea as a ruse to establish a military base in the region.

“Recent media speculation has questioned the cancellation of humanitarian assistance projects in Crimea,” according to a statement released Thursday by European Command. “The school and hospital renovation projects in question were part of EUCOM’s HA program and would have been solely for the benefit of the local school children and community. Rumors that these projects were an attempt to establish a U.S. military base in the region are patently false.”

European Command works hand-in-hand with the Offices of Defense Cooperation and embassies of 17 countries in its area of responsibility to identify humanitarian assistance projects to benefit the civilian population, according to the EUCOM statement.

The projects have been canceled because of “the uncertain security situation in Crimea, which has deteriorated significantly due to Russia’s military intervention, illegal annexation and occupation of that part of Ukraine,” according to the EUCOM statement.

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