Flying Blind | Russia Blocks U.S. from Treaty-Approved Spy Flights

America needs at least 100M of its own dead in Tri Lateral thinking. So now, it's positioning in case.

Russia is breaking free of Cabal control, and winning.

A real sign of just how quickly relationships are deteriorating and to what end, is debatable. No one wins in confrontation except the Bankers, who want population reduction fast. One might think about what weapons tests are occurring without revealing the true state of affairs to test what is possible, as all parties are not without teeth. But what is clear, is Russia saying the gloves are coming off and the US is probing.

How few sites are aware and questioning reality now?

Are people really so stupid? Sadly Yes, and worse.

So where will it end? Whose life, yours?

The Washington Free Beacon
By Bill Gertz
17 April 2014

The Russian government this week canceled a planned U.S. surveillance flight over Russian territory in a bid to limit spying on massed troops facing off against Ukraine and Eastern Europe, according to U.S. officials.

The overflight mission was scheduled for April 14 to April 16 under the 1992 Open Skies Treaty, but Russia’s government notified the State Department 72 hours before the scheduled flight that it would not be permitted.

The cancelation is unusual because the sole reason for putting off such treaty-approve surveillance is flight safety, such as bad weather.

Until this week, the United States and other European allies who are a party to the 34-nation treaty were conducting weekly overflights above Russia during the past month.

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