France is the new cauldron of Eurosceptic revolution

The Euro has its challenges. From a rag bag of dysfunctional semi Third World Countries comes the sign of a disintegrating Euro. Germany can not carry them all and France only scalps the EU for subsidies as a parasite nation. When even the parasites want to leave its time to think again.

The Telegraph
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
15 April 2014

Britain is marginal to the great debate on Europe. France is the linchpin, fast becoming a cauldron of Eurosceptic/Poujadist views on the Right, anti-EMU reflationary Keynesian views on the Left, mixed with soul-searching over the wisdom of monetary union across the French establishment.

Marine Le Pen’s Front National leads the latest IFOP poll for the European elections next month at 24pc. Her platform calls for immediate steps to ditch the euro and restore the franc (“franc des Anglais” in origin, rid of the English oppressors), and to hold a referendum on withdrawal from the EU.

The Gaullistes are at 22.5pc. The great centre-Right party of post-War French politics is failing dismally to capitalise on the collapse in support for President Fran├žois Hollande.

The Parti Socialiste is trailing at 20.5pc. The Leftist Front de Gauche is at 8.5pc and they are not exactly friends of Brussels.

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