Geneva cover for US warpath on Russia

Washington's meddling towards Russia will continue until he nukes the damned place.

Armed pro-Russia protesters on Sunday guard a police building seized by separatists in Slavyansk, Ukraine.

Press TV
By Finian Cunningham
20 April 2014

The Geneva deal signed at the end of last week by the US and Russia to de-escalate tensions in Ukraine is being used by Washington as a cover for inciting more conflict with Moscow.

The ostensible purpose of "de-escalating conflict" is but a cynical misnomer. Washington intends to continue its long-term strategic encirclement of Russia and military aggression.

In signing the document in Geneva last Thursday, Russia no doubt did so in good faith with the objective of calming the unrest in Ukraine and trying to engage US-led NATO forces in a constructive dialogue.

But Moscow may have made a fatal error. The Geneva summit called by the US was attended by Russia, the European Union and a delegation from the NATO-backed junta in Kiev, which seized power illegally from the elected authorities back in February.

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