How George Soros Attacked Cliven Bundy – And Lost

This is how the power of the American people, once united, can overturn dirtbags like Soros and the Cabal.

The Ulsterman Report
14 April 2014

Yes, George Soros had a hand in the Bundy vs FEDS dispute that has thankfully, resulted in federal officials backing off of its demands upon the Bundy family ranch, including halting a round up of Cliven Bundy’s cattle. This was not simply a stand off between over-reaching Big Government entities though, but rather a concerted effort by progressive forces to stamp out the kind of resistance figures like Cliven Bundy represent, be they a rancher, farmer, pro-liberty militia, safe borders advocate, small business owner, or alternative media figure.

Here is a small blurb that likely went unnoticed by most, from a recent Las Vegas Review Journal report on the Bundy vs FEDS conflict:

Bundy ranch dispute with federal land agency draws variety of foot soldiers

Cliven Bundy’s fight with the Bureau of Land Management over the federal agency’s roundup of his cattle attracted a diverse group of foot soldiers: fellow ranchers, Las Vegans and militia and patriot groups were among them.

Their battle cry is the U.S. Constitution and liberty. They fear the federal government overstepping its bounds at every turn. This concern, in their view, applies to those from all walks of life, be it a rural Southern Nevada rancher or a militia member from northern Montana.

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