Hungary is becoming the biggest reason why we may have to leave the EU

The Telegraph
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
7 April 2014

Revanchist nationalists of different stripes have just won 65pc of the vote in post-democratic Hungary. The mystical Jew-baiting Jobbik party increased its share to 20pc, so no doubt we will see more of its Magyar Garda rallies and Arrow Cross nostalgia.

The Fidesz ruling party – and serial violator – has a seemingly unbreakable grip over the governing machinery of a mid-sized EU state in the heart of central Europe. It has harassed the media (I mean seriously, not like Leveson), purged the judiciary, and muzzled the opposition by banning paid TV advertising and greatly restricting campaign access to the public networks – even as it flooded the airwaves with its own message.

Let us not forget that Hungary has handed out Hungarian passports to many of the 500,000 Hungarians of the Magyar diaspora caught on the wrong side of the border with Slovakia (then Czechoslovakia) after the disintegration of the Habsburg Empire, and the Treaty of Trianon in 1920. Politically – if not legally – it is a contested border. Like Crimea until last month.

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