Lib Dems must answer 'serious questions' over Cyril Smith, Tim Farron says

In a move which will shake the foundations of the British coalition government, its MPs are now demanding a full historical investigation into cover ups with sex abuses in Children's Homes. Thank God for the integrity and freedom of speech in Parliament to force home this new investigation and bring them all to justice.


  • The Liberal Democrat president Tim Farron said his party must find out who knew what about the allegations of sexual abuse against former MP Sir Cyril Smith

The Telegraph
By Miranda Prynne
26 April 2014

The Liberal Democrat president said his party must “answer serious questions” over who knew of the allegations of sexual abuse against its former MP Sir Cyril Smith.

Tim Farron, who was elected party president in 2010, insisted fears that Smith’s abuse of young boys was hushed up must be fully investigated.

His comments came just a day after the party leader Nick Clegg called for police to probe allegations that senior politicians had covered up decades of abuse by “an organised paedophile ring” at the heart of the British establishment, which included Smith.

In 2012, Greater Manchester police revealed Smith, a former Rochdale MP, who died in 2010 aged 82, had abused eight young boys at a hostel he helped run in the town in the 1960s.

Accusations later emerged of a "network of paedophiles" operating in the Commons who were protecting Smith.

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