Man jailed for eating baby in Pakistan

We let them in and this is waiting if not controlled. This is a repeat offender. Time to set him loose on the Cabal, salt supplied.

image: AFP

  • Head of newborn baby found at home three years after he was jailed for the same offence

Gulf News
via AFP
14 April 2014

Lahore: A Pakistani man was arrested Monday on suspicion of cannibalism when the head of a newborn baby was found at his home — three years after he was jailed for the same offence.

Police raided the house in a remote village in Punjab province after neighbours complained of a foul smell and found the head of the two-day-old baby inside.

Householder Mohammad Arif admitted eating the child after his brother stole the body from a graveyard in Darya Khan village, around 300 kilometres (180 miles) south of Islamabad, officers said.

Arif and his brother Farman Ali were arrested for eating human corpses in the same village in April 2011 and served two years in prison, in a case that shocked Pakistan.

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