McCain: Obama Abandoning Ukrainian People to Putin's War Machine

How about the US Butts Out of Ukraine?

13 April 2014

President Barack Obama is abandoning the Ukrainian people's fate to the Russian troops amassing on Russia's border with Ukraine, Arizona Sen. John McCain said Sunday, describing the tactic as "shameful."

Appearing on "Face the Nation," McCain blamed the clashes in eastern Ukraine on Obama's inaction when Russian President Vladimir Putin sent troops into the Crimean peninsula, eventually taking it under Russian control just weeks ago.

McCain's comments came as fighting intensified Sunday, claiming lives on both sides in the battles between heavily armed pro-Russian paramilitaries and Ukrainian forces.

Ukrainian security forces launched an operation on Sunday to clear pro-Russian separatists from state buildings in the eastern city of Slaviansk, with dead reported on both sides as Kiev combats what it calls an act of aggression by Moscow.

With East-West relations in crisis, NATO described the appearance in eastern Ukraine of men with specialized Russian weapons and identical uniforms without insignia - as previously worn by Moscow's troops when they seized Crimea - as a "grave development".

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