Michael Herzog | Nigel requests arrest records

One World of Nations
By Nigel
11 April 2014

Two years ago, I contacted the German Federal Police to learn about the status of Herzog and two others. I got a typical bureaucratic response. It has taken me a while to find my outbound message and the response. Meanwhile the Herzog piece on OWoN has moved way down. I think that site readers will be interested, so I’m posting it here. First is the response and next is my email request.

For background on Herzog, read this:


Read also White Reports #35, #38 and #39

Here is my email request:

Name: My Namemmmmm

Address: Postcode and City:
Telephone: My Phonemmmmm
Email: My email address

Subject: Arrest Records


Please advise how I can obtain arrest records for the following Charge Cases:
Dr. Michael Herzog, No. 83 Js 960/06
Josef Birch, No. 83 Js 792/05
Heinz Bosche, No. 47 Js 127/06

Thank you very much!

Here is their response:

From: Sabine.Hamm@bka.bund.de
Subject: AW: 1351/12-320 WG: Kontakt-Email
Date: April 30, 2012 at 2:03:52 AM PDT
To: My email address

Dear Mr. My family name

If you are working by police you have to go the official way via your authority and Interpol.

If you are a private person please note the following:

For reasons of data protection, in particular the right of self-determination in matters of information, the Bundeskriminalamt is generally not authorised to pass information on third parties to private persons. This applies not only to information about ongoing proceedings, but naturally also to "negative replies", i.e. the reply as to whether proceedings exist at all or not.
 Exceptions are only possible within the context of Section 10, Subsection 3, in conjunction with Subsection 2 of the BKA Law. As a rule, however, such enquiries from private persons about third parties do not fulfil the conditions specified in Subsection 2 necessitating the release of information, since, in addition to the question of proportionality, there would have to be a predominant public interest before the right of self-determination in matters of information might be encroached upon.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Im Auftrag

Sabine Hamm

KI 35 - Informations- Online-Dienste / Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Telefon: +49 / 611 / 55 - 1 4316
Telefax: +49 / 611 / 55 - 1 48 06
E-Mail: Sabine.Hamm@bka.bund.de

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