Military intervention in Ukraine risks spiralling into 'all-out war' with Russia

Will England stand aside as it did with Syria? Damned right it will, because unlike the US Senate, British MPs will shout down the PM and vote against. Britain will not lap dog this Criminal charade.

A man holds a Russian flag on the roof of the naval headquarters in Sevastopol

By Sean Rayment
20 April 2014

Spy chiefs have warned that any British or Western military action in Ukraine risks spiralling into an all-out war with Russia, reports the Sunday People.

The head of MI6, known as C, is understood to have told Prime Minster David Cameron that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not “stand idly by” if the West sends troops to support the Ukrainian government.

One senior source said: “The basic message is that it’s not worth starting World War Three over Ukraine.”

Nato chiefs are considering options ranging from economic sanctions against Russia to ­offers of military assistance.

But MI6 agents and Defence Intelligence Staff on the ground warn that the crisis could turn into a violent civil war with much of eastern Ukraine ­declaring independence and effectively joining Russia.

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