Nearly 20 percent of Chinese farmland contaminated

Think twice about eating rice or anything else imported from China. A walking disaster for China and India.


18 April 2014

A new official report has confirmed that one fifth of Chinese farmland is polluted. It cites the main causes as industry and agriculture. The report was originally a state secret and names heavy metals such as arsenic and cadmium as main pollutants.

The report on the website of the Ministry of Environmental Protection confirms the extent of soil pollution in China as a result of the country’s dramatic industrialization, overuse of farm chemicals and minimal environmental protection.

The survey describes deserted industrial and mining land as the most polluted and the quality of farmland it says is worrying, while overall situation it says is “not optimistic.”

Started in 2005 and finished in December 2013, the study covered about 630 square kilometers of land and took around 100,000 samples across China.

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