On a Trip That Avoids Beijing, Obama Keeps His Eye on China

Another flatulent ego tripping waste of time and money trip. It's all draining away fast for America now as the world is leaving.

Credibility is a little thin.

President Obama at a state dinner in Malaysia, one of four stops on his Asia tour, with King Abdul Halim and Queen Haminah. Credit Stephen Crowley/The New York Times

The New York Times
By Mark Landler
26 April 2014

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — On every stop of his Asian journey in the past week, President Obama has spoken to two audiences: America’s allies and China. The balancing act has become even trickier because of the sharp deterioration in America’s relations with Russia.

Perhaps no country has more to gain from a new Cold War than China, which has historically benefited from periods of conflict between the United States and Russia and, analysts say, could exploit these latest tensions to lean even harder on its neighbors in the region.

As Mr. Obama has traveled from Japan to South Korea and, now, Malaysia, he has delivered a carefully calibrated message to reassure America’s friends of its support while discouraging the Chinese from any thoughts of opening a second front on the Pacific Rim.

In Tokyo on Thursday, Mr. Obama vowed to defend Japan in a territorial dispute with China, but urged the Japanese to show restraint and insisted that he wanted solid relations with Beijing. The next day in Seoul, the South Korean capital, he pledged to defend South Korea from the renegade North, a Chinese ally, but went out of his way to enlist Beijing in that effort.

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