Sweden’s submarine war against Germany | Rear-Admiral confesses to armed robbery

The games now in play, nice one Sweden. Others take note.

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            15 April 2014
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15 April 2014

On April 8, 2014, Swedish combat forces stormed the HQ of German submarine builder Thyssen’s offices in Sweden and walked away with blueprints for the next generation submarine A26.

Immediately after the event, the head of security at Thyssen was fired.

Aside one or two initial reports about what in effect was an armed robbery, a blanket of silence has been put over the affair in Sweden.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, a retired Swedish Rear Admiral from deep within the bowels of Sweden’s “deep state” the Swedish Defence Material Administration, visited an Australian think-tank conference and made a brief statement including a mystifying reference to Free Masonic symbol Phoenix Bird.

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'Baffling' Swedish raid on German sub makers

The Local
15 April 2014

After the Swedish military raided the Malmö premises of German defence giant Thyssen Krupp, a military expert tells The Local why recent Russian aggression means Sweden's Saab needs to take control of national submarine production.

Tensions between Sweden and the German company Thyssen Krupp Marine Systems (TKMS) took a surprising turn last Tuesday when the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration carried out a raid on the Malmö shipyard belonging to Kockums, Thyssen Krupp's Swedish subsidiary.

The decisive move has left military experts baffled, with one claiming he has never seen anything like it.

"This is very strange, very unusual," Gunnar Hult, a professor at Sweden's National Defence College, told The Local on Tuesday.

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