The New Industrialization of America

Not content with having trashed a vibrant economy built by the American people over a century, and Stolen Trillions between the Banks, Fed and Cabal, these Clowns stand by neutered while China buys up vast swathes of American factories ready for the mass employment of the new Coolies as Slave Labor - YOU. Welcome to America.

By JC Collins
9 April 2014

The realization is finally beginning to dawn on many that the dollar may not have much time left as the world’s primary reserve currency. The G20 deadline for the US to pass the IMF 2010 Reforms is quickly approaching as both NATO and Russia exchange equal threats over the Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry is warning that Russia could invade the eastern region of the country at any time. Pro-Russian protestors are taking control of government buildings and the world watches as one major component of the problem/reaction/solution process unfolds before our eyes.

When it comes to the IMF Governance and Quota Reforms, the United States is the odd man out. With even Britain now calling on America to pass the reforms, the world can only shrug at the wanton and contrived, and most likely scripted, reluctance of Congress to pass supporting legislation to the reforms.

The average American, for his or her part, is completely ignorant of what is taking place. If they do happen to hear about the approaching economic shift, it is through the fear mongering of doomsday dollar deadheads. The world will not end when the dollar is devalued. It will not be the end of civilization as we know it. The sun will come up the day after and the world of commerce will go on.

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