The Window to Resist Tyranny is Closing Due to the New Super Weapons

When a country can fund Trillions in war, but nothing for its own people, ask why?

You have to wonder why the need for such weapons and as it is clear why there is no money for feeding, educating or housing the people. As people become aware the blowback of miscalculation comes out. Countries will band together to resist as will people. The everyday person just wants to get on with life. Even friends will wonder about the consciousness of a country inhabited by lackluster leadership and question intentions, just like what is now happening over snooping. Isolation of America will readily find favor as people say No, and the economy will suffer.

The Common Sense Show
By Dave Hodges
10 April 2014

Many talk about the fact that Americans have an estimated 300 million privately owned hand guns as the reason why no foreign power, or even our government, can subjugate the people. I am compelled to disagree. If our government ever became abusive enough that the people felt the need to rebel, there is a new generation of super weapons being developed which would doom any rebellion.

Although Yamamoto once refused to invade the United States following his attack upon Pearl Harbor because there would be “an American with a gun behind every blade of grass”, these super weapons would have changed his mind, thus, making America vulnerable to tyrants and foreign invaders. As a result, the window to resist martial law occupation and even an invasion is quickly closing.

Who will ever forget the well-publicized DHS paper targets, depicting the following targets, as a reminder as to who DHS feels is the real enemy.

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