Ukraine crisis seen speeding Gazprom deal with China

The latest moves with US Dummy State Policies has bonded Russia, China and Asia ever closer.

It will lock out Canada and the US from any real volume. America is losing the plot big time and taking it all down.

By Vladimir Soldatkin
and Chen Aizhu
23 April 2014

Europe's plans to reduce its dependence on Russian energy as the Ukraine crisis threatens supplies are spurring efforts by Russia's top producer, Gazprom, to sign a deal next month to pump gas to China, industry sources say.

The elusive deal, slated to be signed next month when Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to visit China and seen as vital if Russia is to be a big player in Asian gas markets, would wrap up a decade of talks in which price has been the main obstacle.

"Judging by the speed of work which is under way in Gazprom, I would say that the possibility that the deal would be signed is 98 percent," a Gazprom source said, adding agreement on what China would pay for the gas was close.

A Beijing-based oil executive also spoke of progress.

"The pace of negotiations was quickening up ... That means more remaining issues were being sorted out more quickly than before," the executive said.

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