U.S. Claims Country Building Its Own Network to Protect Against NSA Spying Violates Trade Laws

At a time when business so, so much needs a break, the actions and miscalculations on blowback from snooping will affect American high tech companies for some time, reallocating billions in spending.

Washington's Blog
11 April 2014

NSA spying is costing the U.S. tech industry tens of billions of dollars, and people around the world are trying to find non-U.S. companies to provide internet, cloud and computer products and services. And see this and this.

Numerous countries are trying to thwart NSA spying.

Many countries are planning to create their own communications infrastructures to bypass the U.S. altogether. For example, economic powerhouse Germany is rolling out a system that would keep all data within Germany’s national borders.

The U.S. is trying to not only protect U.S. businesses, but also keep the NSA’s hand in the cookie jar by arguing (wait for it…) that closing borders to the NSA would violate trade law.

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