U.S. Navy to turn seawater into jet fuel

Interesting given we are working towards a similar economic solution. And it is quite clear we can take waste plastic and convert it back into oil. Imagine the job potential and it is not something China can pull off.

It is this kind of focus that will make America strong again if we STOP ELECTING ASSHOLES TO GOVERN . This will make energy dependent nations independent, a game changer good for the world. Back to Sandmen in the Gulf.

The Washington Times
By Douglas Ernst
10 April 2014

The Navy just found a way to reduce its dependence on possible adversaries for oil — it’s converted seawater into jet fuel.

Navy researchers have announced a major technological breakthrough, saying that they have been able to convert seawater into CO2 and hydrogen, Defense One reported. By successfully clearing the chemical hurdle, scientists can now use another series of chemical processes to create a seawater-based fuel.

“It has to meet military specifications to go into a jet,” Heather Willauer, a research chemist with the Naval Research Laboratory or NRL, told an audience at the annual Sea Air Space Expo near Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, Defense One reported.

“We haven’t actually made it to the specifications stage yet. But we know we’re in the hydro-carbon region and it shouldn’t be very difficult to meet that specification.”

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