US to Putin: This could get ugly

OK Russia.

Aid the Taliban and Palestine with weapons, see how fast they fold then. Two can play arms games.

US President Barack Obama (L) and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow (file photo)

Press TV
17 April 2014

CIA Director John Brennan’s recent secret visit to Ukraine carried a warning from US President Barack Obama to Russian President Vladimir Putin about possible future confrontation between the two former Cold War rivals, an analyst says.

Leslie H. Gelb wrote in a column in the Daily Beast that the US officials have concluded that they need to “ratchet up possible penalties to get Putin’s attention” over Ukraine.

“Foremost, the trip (by Brennan) was conceived as a message to Putin - that he should start contemplating the unhappy possibility that a Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine might well face a guerrilla war like the nightmarish one that drained Soviet forces in Afghanistan decades ago,” wrote the columnist.

After Brennan’s weekend visit to Kiev was leaked, the White House described it as “part of a trip to Europe,” saying, “We don’t normally comment on the CIA director’s travel.”

Gelb said Brennan’s talks with Ukrainian officials in Kiev were “some actual covert action in the offing.”

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