All the talk of GS and RVs are just that - Talk.

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Global Reset

Christine LaGarde Reset - Interview With Christine LaGarde IMF

China and Russia Threaten to Destroy the Dollar


Former U.S. Military Intel Discusses Economy, New Currency Coming In March 2014, and Sandyhook Shooting

Former U.S. Intelligence, Mike, reveals information, as well as his concerns, about the “coming” economical crash. He warns that being prepared is of the utmost! Recently, his financial contact notified him that the U.S. Dollar is going to be reset, which means our present currency is going to be exchanged for a new currency.

What’s more, in 2011, a contact also warned him that everyone needs to be prepared for an economical crisis in “March of 2014.” He shares his feelings, and why we should be prepared.

He does state that, in his dealings with his contacts over the past few years, they have been right on target, and that everything they have said has surfaced.

With at least ten banker suicides in the past few years, something has got to be going on.

Mike also discusses both factual information, as well as his personal opinion, regarding several false flag events, including the alleged Sandyhook school shooting, and why he feels unsettled.

GLOBAL RESET: Fed Deception Reaches Epic Heights

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