Bad U.S. Policy Pushes Russia, China and Iran Closer Together

A picture worth many words. New World Order is coming rapidly. A picture where China and Russia have taken strategic decisions with Iran and defied US Self Interest policies. One which will undermine Kazakh Israeli Zionist terrorism. A new world where developing economies say NO, we will not march to Rothschild or US orders anymore.

Photo courtesy of Alexander Bunin

Washington's Blog
24 May 2014

Heck Of a Job …

As the following headlines show, bad American policy has pushed Russia, China and Iran closer together:

As we’ve repeatedly warned, the neocons and neolibs have pushed so hard to ensure a “New American Century” – i.e. American hegemony for another 100 years – that they’ve instead created “No American Century”.

Heck of a job, guys …

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