Beneath the streets of Romania's capital, a living hell

The sad, even sickening, and harsh reality of these Romanian tunnels indicate the depravity and hell on earth forced on humanity, while sleazy, acquisitive corrupt SCUM like the Cabal, sequestrate and squader vast trillions needed for our family of man instead. These are the types of projects we also need to devote Capital to once the PPs start to flow. No one takes it with them, so why amass power blocks when so many lives are lost to service the vanity of the Elites? Long may the site be humble and a voice of conscience for all. The case was submitted by P and our response.

This video contains strong scenes of drug use that some viewers may find distressing. All photos courtesy of Radu Ciorniciuc / Casa Journalist 

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By Paraic O'Brien
20 May 2014

Deep under the streets of Bucharest - in Europe, in the 21st century - there is a network of tunnels and sewers that is home to hundreds of men, women and children stricken by drug abuse HIV and TB.

You can travel to the heart of the EU from Bucharest's Gara du Nord, write Paraic O'Brien and Jim Wickens, but our journey will take us just a few metres.

On the surface, the newest member of the European club has worked hard to redefine itself. But there's another Romania, underground.

When Ceausescu fell there were tens of thousands of children in orphanages and in state "care" in Romania. But in 1990 a series of reports revealed what a nightmarish misnomer that was. Scenes of neglect and cruelty reminiscent of the concentration camps.

So what happened to those children?  

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