Cameron, Putin discuss Ukraine situation over phone

Common sense Leaders talk.

Interesting that Putin is holding back on escalation by withholding possible sanctions on the west. So in a game of words and big boy toys why is that only one side seems to be agitating for confrontation?

It is almost like the west wants to rumble and Russia is saying we do not care to play, so you can play by yourself.


1 May 2014

LONDON, April 30 (Xinhua) -- British Prime Minister David Cameron on Wednesday made a phone call to Russian President Vladimir Putin, urging the implementation of the Geneva Accord on Ukraine.

Cameron underlined the importance of finding a means to de-escalate the situation ahead of Ukraine's presidential election on May 25, saying that the Geneva process remained "the best way of achieving this," a Downing Street spokesperson said following the phone call.

"The Prime Minister re-iterated our commitment both to the implementation of the Geneva Accord in partnership with the Ukrainian and Russian Governments, and to all Ukrainians in being able to participate in free and fair democratic elections," the spokesperson said.

The two leaders agreed that their governments should continue to work closely to find ways of de-escalating the current situation and helping restore stability in Ukraine.

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