China's state-owned sector told to cut ties with U.S. consulting firms

Have no doubt things are cranking up and the Cabal will recklessly murder Billions if this escalates.

And you thought joint military drills were in isolation. The US has screwed nation after nation with no regard for morality, and lied on every corner, stealing from every door opened. Now it is all coming home to roost. Whether they wake up in time or not is not of concern as the drums are beating for a combined war in the near future. Perhaps a time to consider what is important relative to the ability to see tomorrow, as materializations of false value mean nothing. Unchecked, the world will shortly stand on the brink of a disaster never seen before in modern history. Nuclear Melt down as America cities are obliterated. Of course the world will go also, but a truly part Plebeian and Clueless nation needs to be told that all US life within 150 miles of the Coast will die, and all major Cities and bases will be hit.

Think no more than 20 mins for the 50 or so Russian and Chinese subs to unleash 1,000 missiles each carrying multi warheads which will erase America and all its fleets and Global bases. No warning, just mass death, with the Bombers and ICBMs following behind.

While the Elites who caused all this sit bunkered down under Denver Airport, Cheyenne Mountain and other complexes.

Terrible times are coming if not evaded by action.

One ought to consider the opponent, especially one who lived in a cave and ask what they are prepared to sacrifice. China will not blink and nor will Russia.

One has to forget the usual nonsense as where we are headed has never been attempted, and only the fools and the blind go where angels fear to thread.

May God have mercy on you all, soon that is all there may be. Just blind hope if it starts. I truly hope what is seen and being discussed are the fables or dreams of old men, past their prime and not the dreams of those capable or wanting of execution. This would become the Apocalypse of life as you know it, think at least 90% of humanity dead and the Nuclear winters to follow as radioactive dust blocks out the sun, water is radiated, and mutants grasp for life.

Why not just try the Cabal for Treason under Military Law? Including their Global partners.

Yahoo Finance
By Reuters
Reporting by Hilary Russ

China has told its state-owned enterprises to sever links with American consulting firms just days after the United States charged five Chinese military officers with hacking U.S. companies, the Financial Times reported on Sunday.

China's action, which targets companies like McKinsey & Company and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), stems from fears the firms are providing trade secrets to the U.S. government, the FT reported, citing unnamed sources close to senior Chinese leaders.

"We haven't received any notification of this kind," said Margaret Kashmir, a spokeswoman for Strategy& - formerly Booz & Company - in an email, adding that serving clients in China and globally continues to be the company's main priority.

"We are unaware of any government mandates," added Bain & Company spokeswoman Cheryl Krauss.

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