Is Wills going to be an air ambulance pilot? Prince wants to fly again before becoming a full-time royal

This is a kind story of the decency of a young Prince and his wife Kate, who like his Grandmother the Queen, places Public Duty and the need to serve, at the top of his agenda. An outstanding example of our future King, not his Tosser of a father Charles, who betrayed Diana, broke Faith with his wife and Country having been sworn in as the Keeper of the Faith, and who needs to face a Referendum of the people, is he to be allowed to become Supreme Monarch, ruling with the consent of the people, or to stand down in favor of William and the nation, and to retire into ignominy like his treacherous Great Uncle with Wallace Simpson. Time for a clean sweep.

William hinted at a return to the skies during his family's recent official trip to New Zealand

  • William stepped down as a rescue pilot with the RAF a year ago
  • Since then he has spent time raising his son George
  • He now plans to work with the East Anglian air ambulance service
  • Sources say he has consulted the Queen about his plans
  • Prince is taking what palace aides have called a 'transitional year'

Mail Online
By Sam Marsden
and Rebecca English
26 May 2014

Prince William could become an air ambulance helicopter pilot instead of starting full-time royal duties this year.

He gave up his job as an RAF search and rescue pilot eight months ago to start a ‘transitional’ year of public service placements as part of his preparation for becoming King.

But sources claim William, 31, has decided he is not ready to move on to full-time royal duties when this period comes to an end in September, and is keen to return to flying.

One option would be to enlist as a pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance, which is based near his country home in Norfolk.

William hinted at a return to the skies during his family’s recent official trip to New Zealand. Touring an aviation museum, he said seeing the historic military aircraft made him ‘long to be flying again’ and revealed that he hoped to obtain a commercial pilot’s licence. He already holds a private pilot’s licence from his time in the RAF.

Acquiring a commercial licence would allow him to fly civilian helicopters such as air ambulances.

In a possible sign of where his intentions lie, William and the Duchess of Cambridge will meet representatives of the Scottish Air Ambulance Service on a visit to Crieff, near Perth, on Thursday.

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