Look who’s calling voting ‘divisive’ and ‘illegal’

When will the US learn to Butt out? Clean up America first now.

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Blood-soaked US Has No Business Opposing Sovereignty Plebiscites

This Can't Be Happening!
By David Lindorff
12 May 2014

The rot at the core of US international affairs, domestic politics and the corporate media is evident in the American approach to the Ukraine crisis.

Just look at the freak-out from all quarters as the people of the eastern part of that country conduct, under conditions of attack and violence fomented by military units sent in by the Kiev putsch government, a peaceful plebiscite asking people to give their view as to whether they want some kind of sovereignty separating them from western Ukraine.

The official US State Department position on the balloting in Dohansk and Luhansk is that this voting effort was "illegal" and "an attempt to create further division and disorder."

"The United States will not recognize the results of these illegal referenda," said State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki.

The White House called the voting “illegitimate” and “illegal.”

The US has not once called the violent coup that overthrew Ukraine’s elected government illegitimate or illegal.

Indeed any violence during the voting, which appeared to actually be celebratory, came from Ukrainian troops. Even the Associated Press, which has largely been parroting the US line on separatists in eastern Ukraine, wrote:

“Although the voting in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions appeared mostly peaceful, armed men identified as members of the Ukrainian national guard opened fire on a crowd outside a town hall in Krasnoarmeisk, and an official with the region's insurgents said people were killed. It was not clear how many.” (Actually the reporter on this story wrote that he saw the shooting, and witnessed two dead bodies as a result, so AP didn't have to weaken the story's authority by attributing it to "officials with the region's insurgents+ -- the latter an odd term to give to armed people working, clearly has the support of the communities, to defend them from attack by armed, uniformed thugs sent in from the Kiev regime to disrupt and kill people.)

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