Mutual respect reinforces Sino-African ties

As part of what is playing out between progressive nations, this is yet another example of catastrophic misses which will cost dearly in years to come. The world is moving on and reshaping .

America is like deer in headlights frozen by aimless leadership.


Global Times
13 May 2014

Chinese premier Li Keqiang concluded his four-nation Africa trip and went back to Beijing on Monday. This trip has consolidated Sino-African relations with fruitful achievements in many cooperative areas. The most striking is that Chinese companies acquired two large railway orders from Kenya and Nigeria, which are landmark deals in future Sino-African cooperation.

Before Li, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a seven-day visit to Africa at the end of last March. The two visits, at such a short interval, have rarely been paid by the leaders of other major powers except China.

China's moves on this land have drawn keen attention from the West, which also refocuses their eyes on this "hopeless" continent, as they once thought. However, they returned here still with the outdated political mindsets and the air of Africa's former suzerains.

Much aid they provide to Africa is not meant for humanitarian purposes, but a bargaining chip to change this land into what they want. Almost every economic investment they make must require a political payback.

But this is not the same case between China and Africa, both of which are enjoying a more positive relationship. That is because our bilateral cooperation is based on an equal footing, carried out for reciprocal purposes and endorsed by the authorities of both sides. As two booming economies, both China and Africa are in urgent need of bilateral cooperation. With the encouragement and guidance of the authorities of both sides, it will produce enormous profits for mutual benefit.

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