New European ruling game-changing for U.S. companies

Many innocent parties slandered unfairly on Google sites had no redress. Now they can demand Google removes it.

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An internet privacy analyst says the European high court's decision against Google that allows web users to have some say over private information that appears in search lists essentially 'breaks' the purpose of the internet. (May 13) AP 

USA Today
By Kim Hjelmgaard
and Elizabeth Weise
14 May 2014

Europe's highest court ruling Tuesday that people have the "right to be forgotten" and can ask Google to remove some sensitive information from Internet search results is "huge," privacy experts say.

The ruling is "groundbreaking," said Trevor Hughes, president and CEO of the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

"Individuals now have the ability to essentially go in with a virtual black marker and redact their names," Hughes said.

It will "fundamentally change the landscape not only in the field of privacy, but also in the information economy generally," Hughes said.

The judgment was handed down by the Luxembourg-based Court of Justice of the European Union in a development that highlights ongoing battles between supporters of privacy rights and those who advocate for freedom of expression.

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