Obama prepares to smash BRICS during his last few years in office

Hah, when will these clueless Posers get found out and called out?

The majority of American people are just decent, regular folks, trusting, Patriotic by conditioning, and truly believing these Sewer Rats work for them and give a dam. They don't!

So, let us spell it out. The US is no longer either in command or even trusted. Gold backed alternative currencies to the Dollar are coming soon. Non dollar denominated trading is now catching on all over the world. Russia has called Obama's cards, as has BRICS.

A clueless ex Union Organizer is being outplayed on the world stage and thinks sending out Skeletor Kerry is a smart move? These are End of Empire days, the death rattle of a failed old nation which is a spent force being encircled now by bigger young dogs on the block.

Instead of having the intelligence to put the remaining US capital behind the American people to unleash a whole new era of American Technologies to capture new markets, and recover Global Leadership, these Numpties in the White House continue to fund the gross Cabal on demand which will cripple America. The Fat assed Military, having never earned or made a dime in their pampered lives, just don't get that when it all crashes, the Retiree Funds go with it and the Bums Alley will be beckoning for all of them. There are no Benefits for Bust Bums. Time they wake up and arrest these crooks in DC and Texas.

This article puts into perspective what really is happening. The dollar is in big trouble, rather than doing the right thing, the culture that has led to the current problems and huge global unemployment is now dancing with war. Only, wars need money that America no longer has, other than outright printing which it has been doing debasing it's currency.

One must keep in mind two things. One, the BRICS are nuclear countries with the exception of Brazil, and who knows if they have not or do not join the club. Second, the reality that we are perhaps only weeks away from China and Russia announcing that they are backing their own currencies with gold, either in part or in whole, and who knows perhaps they will back their respective central bank with gold value derived from the currencies as their basis for settlement. In such a event a fiat American dollar would be a loser.

To ignore the reality of a multi polar world and the changes that are coming is going to cause major upheaval. As the world moves on from a singular reserve currency, namely the USD. America will be left straddled and Bust. The people DESERVE BETTER!

Strategic Culture Foundation
By Wayne Madison
5 May 2014

The buildup of NATO air and ground forces along the borders of Russia in eastern Europe and President Barack Obama’s American power-influencing trip to Asia have a single purpose. The seen and unseen forces who dictate policy to their political puppets in Washington, London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, and other vassal capital cities have decided to smash BRICS – the emergent financial power bloc encompassing Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

Bilateral and multilateral discussions among the five emerging economic powers aimed at decoupling BRICS economies from the U.S. dollar as a reserve and trading currency have met with the only power Washington can muster on behalf of itself and its foundering allies – military force. The problems between Ukraine and Russia over Crimea and federalism within Ukraine are a mask designed to cover Obama’s true intentions, which are the smashing of the BRICS as a viable alternative to the neo-colonialist financial systems of the West and subsuming the economies of the BRICS to the whims of the United States and the ever-teetering European Union.

The G-8, which suspended Russia from membership, and the World Trade Organization, of which Russia is now a member, never had a thing to do with free trade and common economic policies. These contrivances, formed in the back rooms by the bankers of the Trilateral Commissions and Bilderberg Group, were always about unipolar domination of the world by a single superpower. Since the end of World War II and the collapse of the once-dominant British Empire, that superpower has been the United States.

Not only are the BRICS countries shedding their dependency on the U.S. dollar as a trading and reserve currency, thus making the U.S. fiat currency backed by the manipulative practices of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, even more worthless than it already is, but Russia and China are already trading in the ruble and the yuan, their respective currencies. There are plans for the embryonic Eurasian Economic Union, a counter to the bloated and corrupt European Union, to adopt a dollar- and euro-free monetary unit called the «altyn» by 2025. These plans have sent the Western globalists and bankers into nervous fits and, as a result, we see the buildup of U.S. and Western military forces on the Russian borders in Europe and in China’s waters in the Far East.

The neo-conservatives who dominate the policymaking apparatuses in Washington, London, Brussels, Paris, and Berlin have concocted a risky method to smash the BRICS. What U.S. intelligence and its Western counterparts are planning for the BRICS is the very same thing that the West accuses Russia of doing in Ukraine: financing separatist groups with the intent of peeling away at the national integrity of the BRICS nations. As far as Western intelligence agencies are concerned, the BRICS have two choices: remain committed to the BRICS as an alternative to Western domination and face the breakup of their nation-states or throw in the towel and agree to surrender themselves to the dictates of the Central Intelligence Agency, the centurions for Wall Street, and the «company’s» junior partners in London, Paris, and Berlin.

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