Putin and Prince face awkward visit

It would be a Diplomatic Coup for Putin if he lays a wreath with a large color pic inside for the whole world to see, the one of Prince Harry at a Fancy Dress party in a Nazi SS Uniform. Just tag the message, You have a bloody nerve limp wrist. Russia can always remind the world how Charlie boys Traitor Uncle gave Hitler the bypass secrets to avoid the guns of the Maginot Line and betrayed Belgium, France and England. The Windsors (actually German ~ Sax Coburgs!!!) have a lot to answer for and are saved only by the magnificent job the Queen really does to carry them all. 

Belfast Telegraph
25 May 2014

Vladimir Putin and the Prince of Wales remain on course for an awkward encounter next month - after the Russian president criticised the royal's reported comparison of him with Adolf Hitler.

In what he said was a message for the heir to the British throne, Mr Putin declared the criticism of his actions in Ukraine as "unacceptable" and "not what monarchs do".

His reaction highlighted the need for a serious round of diplomatic bridge building if the two men's attendance at a D-Day 70th anniversary event next month is not to prove an embarrassment.

The meeting between the two men is expected to take place in Normandy at "Sword Beach", the Second World War battle site where British troops stormed across the sand to attack Nazi positions.

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