Reflections on Odessa. The Nazi Legacy of Mayhem and Massacres in Ukraine

From contributor Robert.

History tells a story that too few people care to know because it upsets the pleasantry of a uniformed consciousness, yet only history allows one to see the truth of the present, as it manifests.

My wife's father spent 5 long years in Treblinka; the stories he tells are enough to sour the appetite and ingrain the memories of what should never be repeated or allowed to happen to another country or another people ever again by any group. After all, the reason we have memory is so that we do not forget the lessons of history. A pity that people never learn. So yes, the killing will go on ignored until it affects all of Europe and then people will say "how [did] we let this happen?", and many more mothers will cry. Europe is collapsing now.

Global Research
By Prof. James Petras
11 May 2014

Some things do not change, despite world-historic catastrophes. Back in the late 19th century, Isaac Babel witnessed and described mobs, self-described as “Black Hundreds”, rampaging the streets of Odessa, dragging red-bearded Jews through the streets, sacking and burning their stores. Dozens of Jews were murdered and hundreds fled to sanctuaries. Terrible times, indeed!

But how much worse today when the progeny of the Black Hundreds and the proud descendants of Nazi collaborators, who now call themselves the ‘Right Forum’, roam the streets of Odessa with impunity and license, beating whomever they encounter.

Women, adolescents and pensioners fled, seeking refuge in a Trade Union Center. The contemporary Nazi’s firebombed the Center, incinerating forty and forcing others to jump from windows to their death. And those injured from their fall… beaten to a bloody pulp.

The Right Forum flaunts the worst of the Black Hundreds and Nazi legacy of mayhem and massacres.

The pogroms of the Black Hundreds of the pre-revolution were nothing compared to the genocide of the Ukrainian Waffen Galician Nachtigall and Roland Division. Eighty thousand Ukrainian fascists led by Stepan Bandera served as Hitler’s willing executioners. They murdered millions of Poles and Jews and Ukrainians. Even their Nazi overseers were appalled by the buzz-saw assassinations.

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