Saudi Arabia Shows Off Chinese Missiles

The Saudis are showing off that they can buy elsewhere than the US. So now China shows its flexing its muscles in the Arms dealing sector, and Russia will follow. Its a dirty game and people die.

Abdullah's Sword parade showcases Saudi Arabian DF-3 IRBMs

The Washington Free Beacon
By Bill Gertz
2 May 2014

Saudi Arabia’s military for the first time displayed Chinese made intermediate-range missiles during a recent military parade in the kingdom.

The unveiling of the two Chinese DF-3 missiles is the latest sign that the oil-rich kingdom is distancing itself from the United States.

The missiles were shown during a large-scale military parade featuring troops, warplanes and other military hardware. The parade marked the end of a large military exercise known as Abdullah’s Sword that ended April 29 in northeastern region of Hafar al Batan.

The DF-3s were purchased by the Saudis in a secret deal with Beijing in 1987 and the sale was the first time intermediate-range missiles had been exported.

The missiles are considered nuclear-capable because their accuracy as conventionally armed weapons is limited.

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