Super Secret Spyplane Spotted over Southern U.S.

What is interesting is that this is the drone that Russia destroyed over Murmansk with a laser defense system. So while this may work in many places it clearly is not going to work on Russia or China and perhaps soon all BRIC countries. So, effectively now it's already obsolete. All this money wasted, and lost again.

Markosun's Blog
17 May 2014

Recent photos of a high-flying V-shaped jet shows that some pretty interesting new aircraft are just around the corner.

Aviation Week & Space Technology

The Air Force has long debated how to conduct penetrating intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions since the venerable, high-speed SR-71 retired in 1998. But despite the need and a lingering requirement, no visible progress toward that goal was made. That’s because the highly classified aircraft – the RQ-180 – has been developed by Northrop Grumman in secret.

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