The Kiev Sniper Probe: Coup Leaders Behind February 20 Maidan Sniper Killings of Civilians and Police

20 more die, the Agencies lie.

They pay to kill and fund more, who is the whore?

Truth slowly leaks out, assuming anyone still cares.

Global Research
By Adam Larson
18 May 2014

After using the murky sniper massacre of February 20 to depose and demonize elected Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, the Kiev Cabal continues to investigate the shootings, and just how Yanukovych destroyed himself with them.

RT reported on a fascinating and little-noted May 13 press conference announcing the preliminary results of parliament’s official investigation. This was called by the probe’s chairman, Gennady Moskal, an MP with Yulia Tymoshenko’s Fatherland party. The findings Moskal announced are remarkable in several ways. [1]

In early March, 12 officers of the Interior Ministry’s special “Berkut” police force – a supposed “black unit” of it – had already been arrested over the massacre, with reports their denials had triggered lie detectors. But now Moskal reveals, as RT reports:

“[F]orensic evidence suggests their innocence. … the bullets that killed people in Kiev … didn’t match any of the firearms issued to Berkut’s special unit, which, unlike the majority of riot police, was allowed to carry lethal weapons.”

If this latest update is true, all the photos of Berkut men with the yellow armbands brandishing assault weapons are proven irrelevant to the crimes they were taken as proof of. The arrests, various death threats and abuses against them and even their families, and the complete dissolution of the Berkut in March, would have been grossly unjustified.

More interesting yet, as RT reports:

“[Moskal] alleged that the shooters were agents of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) acting from the ranks of the protesters, but admitted that genuine protesters could have been the culprits.”

Isn’t this what Moscow and the “conspiracy theorists” have been proposing from day one?

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