UKIP looks to Westminster after Euro win

At last, common sense prevails and the voice of the people RAGING was heard in both the EU and UK elections.

The UK people want to be OUT of Europe and Europeans want an end to mass immigration. So does the world!

Diane James (l) and Janice Atkinson were elected along with Nigel Farage in the South East region

BBC News
26 May 2014

UKIP has set its sights on Westminster after recording a resounding victory in the European elections.

Nigel Farage pledged: "You've not heard the last of us," calling the result the most extraordinary for a century.

His party came first in six of the 10 regions to declare, with its strongest performance in the East Midlands.

The electoral "earthquake" Mr Farage had predicted came as radical, anti-EU parties on the right and left topped polls across Europe.

UKIP is on course to win its first seat in Scotland, although the confirmed result is not due until later.

But it finished third in London where it polled almost 10% lower than in the country as a whole.

'Cast-iron guarantee'

Mr Farage put the party's success down to voters' "very strong desire" to have a "different relationship with Europe".

He told reporters: "The message is people have had enough of not being told the truth and not being given the opportunity to express their opinion.

"Five years ago the Conservatives won, giving us a cast-iron guarantee of a referendum they didn't deliver."

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