Ukraine SITREP | "the mysterious Russian soul?"

Ukraine seems to be disintegrating towards a tribal war which will suck in Russia.

Where are the weapons coming from? Which Agencies dirty hands are all over it?

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A girl passes a Russian flag placed by pro-Russian supporters outside the trade union building in Odessa.   image: Alexey Furman / EPA

The Vineyard of the Saker
3 May 2014

What happened in Odessa yesterday is much worse than what the initial reports had indicated: it was truly a deliberate and blood-curling massacre. To summarize:

In Odessa the pro-Russian demonstrators had never seized a building, all they did was erecting a small tent city and hanging out there. Hardly any violence had taken place. Yesterday, the neo-Nazis finally made their move:

1) They bussed in large numbers of Right Sector thugs.

2) They then got the local football hooligans (paid by oligarchs according to some reports) to begin a nationalist demonstration.

3) The Right Sector thugs then joined the hooligans and together they viciously attacked the pro-Russian tent city: the tents were torn down and the anti-regime demonstrators viciously beat up to a pulp. The local cops stood by and watched.

4) The anti-regime demonstrators ran literally for their lives towards the building of Unions which had been their normal rallying point at which point they were surrounded and the building set ablaze.

5) Those attempting to leave the building were severely beat up and many murdered. Many were shot while standing in the windows to flee from the flames.

6) The neo-Nazis did not let the firefighters through.

7) With each jumping demonstrator or each person shot in the windows the crowd would scream "Glory to the Ukraine! Glory to he heroes!" Many took souvenir videos. For them, this was a joyful, liberating event.

8) The Ukrainian social networks flooded with joyful messages congratulation the "heroes" in Odessa and promising more of the same to the accursed Moskals.

9) The Western and Ukie press reported the events as a "clash" with "casualties" but with no reference to any one party causing this massacre.

10) The last fatalities figure was at 46. But with many dying from smoke inhalation and, especially, burns, it will probably go up.

So what about Russia in all this?

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