US wages oil wars in Middle East to dominate world energy markets – analyst

Old plan, worth remembering. But in changing times, what will be the value of the Middle East once new tech goes oil free?

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The Voice of Russia
15 May 2014

The Anglo-American oil cartel is pursuing longstanding ambition to dominate the world energy market. Hydrocarbons, oil and gas, are the main driver of economic growth or economic recession and depression. Rising oil prices or bringing them down constitutes a tactic used by the US to influence the global economy.

Middle East with its gas and oil resources appears to be the key element of the Anglo-American geostrategic game, which opens up infinite possibilities of global dominance, deems William Engdahl, an award-winning geopolitical analyst and strategic risk consultant.

"One of the chief reasons of the Syrian war and of the foreign intervention in Syria by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the US and others is the fact that the Bashar Assad government signed an agreement with Iraq and Iran to bring a pipeline from Iran’s South Pars gas field in the Persian Gulf, one of the largest gas fields in the world, up through Iraq and into Syria and on into the Mediterranean, where it would go to the European gas market and in direct competition with Qatar the wants to be a dominant gas player in the European market," explains the analyst in his interview with RT. "The entire Middle East conflict, the attempt to destroy Syria is an attempt to get control of that potential pipeline route in the hands of the Saudi Arabia, Qatar and certainly the Gulf Emirates there," he adds.

According to William Engdahl, if the Anglo-American powers gain control over the Middle Eastern resources that will doubtlessly give them an opportunity to strategically restrict the energy independence of many of Eurasian powers. The US and its close allies will define the prices and control the economic growth of their geopolitical rivals. The "Middle Eastern card" is played against China and Russia, deems the expert. "This is the grand chess game, as Brzezinski called it, of control of Eurasia," he says.

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