US War Hype against Russia enters the Twilight Zone

Anything goes selling disinfo to the Plebs.

Accept the noise and follow like a sheep or stand up and determine the truth so that the truth is what you accept.

New Eastern Outlook
By Jim Dean
3 May 2014

Tensions mount as NATO puffs its chest with minor military deployments as part of their threat play acting. Estonia was on stage today receiving NATO planes and pretending to feel threatened and wanting a permanent NATO deployment. Honest people know they just want the money that comes with it.

Kiev has its Army on full alert and has called for a draft of 18 to 25 year olds, the usual abuse of the young by the old when it comes to the war game. It seems Ukraine’s interim president Turchynov was waiting for the IMF funds to be released so the government could switch over from trying to “crowd fund” the military, where they were asking not only for money donations to buy helmets and flak vests, but also donations of soap, towels and underwear.

Meanwhile, the coup-meisters seemed focused on raising militias to deal with East Ukraine, where they seem to think militias would be effective against unarmed civilians, exactly what they are usually used for. If their murdering militias get killed off in the process, the coup-meisters could claim the Russians did it and demand NATO intervention. The Kiev regime is showing all the signs that they need a disaster to make everybody forget that they took power by the gun.

What we are seeing is a multi-layered orchestrated attack on Russia to create, not a traditional shooting war, as some journalists are hyping to get attention for themselves, but the conditions to hoodwink the Western public into accepting and supporting a New Cold War. The Western-leader hucksters want to re-establish themselves as our great protectors, thinking we will forget so many are petty thieves.

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