WWII | May 9th, the anniversary of the end

It is now May 9th and the anniversary of the end of WWII, when the Bush and Neocon Fascists were defeated after tens of millions were killed. 

Look at the solemn nationalistic pride of the clean cut Russian choirs and military. Compare them to the drug ridden lost causes on the US streets today. Russia and China have awesome manpower if a conflict erupts and the clean out of America will be ruthless with vast attrition. Even now, if the only choice next year is Bush or Clinton God help the world. That takes us ever closer to WWIII. How else can the Cabal and Bankers be stopped? 

The East is wise to step away. 

Fascism was defeated before, it can be again.

In remembrance of those fallen. Thankfully submitted by Vlastimil.

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