$40-billion missile defense system proves unreliable

Back we go to this UGLY Cabal of Bastards! They kill America, build Terrorism across the Globe and have now blown another vast budget.

Like the F35, another disaster and an illusion of capability. Wrong time to test the resolve of China and Russia.

SACK - THE - BASTARDS - NOW! Mass slash Military spending.

Inspecting an interceptor | John Wagner / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
Col. George Bond, second from right, then-Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, center, and U.S. Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska), second from left, inspect a rocket interceptor in its silo at Ft. Greely, Alaska, in 2009.

Los Angeles Times
By David Willman
15 June 2014

With a convulsive rumble, followed by billowing flames and exhaust, a sleek 60-foot rocket emerged from its silo at California's Vandenberg Air Force Base.

It was a test of the backbone of the nation's missile defense system. If North Korea or Iran ever launched nuclear weapons against the United States, the interceptors at Vandenberg and remote Ft. Greely, Alaska, would be called on to destroy the incoming warheads.

Scientists conducting the test at Vandenberg on Sunday, Jan. 31, 2010, had left little to chance. They knew exactly when the target missile would be launched from an atoll in the Marshall Islands 4,900 miles away. They knew its precise dimensions, expected trajectory and speed.

Based on this and other data, they had estimated the route the interceptor's heat-seeking "kill vehicle" would have to follow to destroy the target.

Within minutes, the interceptor's three boosters had burned out and fallen away, and the kill vehicle was hurtling through space at 4 miles per second. It was supposed to crash into the mock enemy warhead and obliterate it.

It missed.

At a cost of about $200 million, the mission had failed.

Eleven months later, when the U.S. Missile Defense Agency staged a repeat of the test, it failed, too.

The next attempted intercept, launched from Vandenberg on July 5, 2013, also ended in failure.

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