75 exposed after bioterrorism researchers accidentally send live anthrax to low security lab

So, does it take an Irish news item to expose gross incompetence in Lab testing and the huge risk this IDIOT unleashed upon potential victims. Start by sacking those responsible. Start by Congress getting of its Arse and acting for once!

It is a Friday the 13th Dr Paul Meechan will not soon forget.

20 June 2014

On that night last week, bioterrorism researchers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) discovered they had mistakenly sent live anthrax virus out to fellow scientists in two lower-security clearance labs at the agency, instead of what they thought were harmless samples of the deadly pathogen.

The initial safety lapse occurred in the CDC's Bioterror Rapid Response and Advanced Technology laboratory, a high security lab that was trying out a new protocol for inactivating anthrax, using chemicals instead of radiation.

In an interview, the CDC's Meechan described some of the events that led to the discovery that as many as 75 agency staff had been exposed to live anthrax. The CDC first disclosed the incident to Reuters on Thursday.

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