A Fiesty Veteran Refuses to be Bullied by the Border Patrol

This yet another story of the disgusting abuse of freedom in the Criminal Jurisdiction named America. All freedoms have gone.

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By Ron Ewart
11 June 2014

The abuse of federal power literally grows by the day. Incidents of the heavy-hand of federal agents on private citizens litter the pages of local newspapers but very seldom hit the mainstream media. We see these stories because they come across our e-mail almost daily. A few of these events become emblazoned across the TV screen of those networks that choose to portray overt government power. One such event occurred at the Bundy ranch in Nevada where the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) employed over 200 heavily-armed SWAT team agents to accost the Bundies over alleged illegal grazing of the Bundy's cattle on federal land. Two more similar events are occurring in Texas and New Mexico.

But most of these stories never see the light of day, like the story we are about to portray here. It is our hope that we can shine a bright light on what the Border Patrol is doing to a decorated, disabled veteran in a small town in Terrell County, Texas, about 16 miles north of the Mexican border. This courageous veteran and his wife own some acreage near the town of Dryden, TX and they have been fighting the Border Patrol over the issue of federal jurisdiction on his land for several years. In the process, the Border Patrol has labeled him an undesirable and a criminal and have been badgering, harassing and abusing he and his wife just because this veteran refuses to let Border Patrol agents on his property. Here are just a few of the incidents he has had to endure at the hands of the Border Patrol, in his own words.

"On October 29, 2008 Border Patrol agents Shane Jahn and Fernando Sanchez told me, in no uncertain terms; that they could go anywhere they wanted and could do anything they wanted, to include breaking my fence. In front of me the two then pushed down, jumped up and down on my fence causing damage. Their tones and actions were abusive, threatening, and hostile. Both were armed. During this incident there were about 10 Border Patrol agents physically watching this act. For the record I was unarmed. I am also a 100% Disable Veteran."

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